SarcoidosisUK Leaflets Full Pack


This product contains a full pack of ALL current SarcoidosisUK Patient Information Leaflets. Suitable for hospitals, clinics, events and support groups organisers.

If you are a healthcare provider and would like to order leaflets in bulk, please contact SarcoidosisUK on 020 3389 7221 or [email protected].


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This pack contains ALL SarcoidosisUK Patient Information Leaflets.

This pack is perfect for hospitals and clinics as well as events and support groups organisers looking to educate patients and healthcare professionals about sarcoidosis and SarcoidosisUK.

Included in the pack:

•SarcoidosisUK – Who We Are and What We Do
•Sarcoidosis Overview
•Sarcoidosis and the Lung
•Sarcoidosis and Fatigue
•Sarcoidosis and the Skin
•Sarcoidosis and the Eye
•Sarcoidosis and the Heart
•Sarcoidosis and the Nervous System
•Sarcoidosis and the Muscles, Joints and Bones
•Sarcoidosis and the Liver
•Information for Employers Leaflet

All proceeds go to SarcoidosisUK and fund more patient information to be produced. However we want to make sure our leaflets are available to everyone. Your organisation may be eligible for a discount – please email [email protected].

Price includes postage and packaging.